ABOUT LimeLogic

Limelogic is a dynamic Liège-based company providing all inclusive IT network management services to SMBs of any size.

This packaged approach based on a flat fee is unique in Belgium, and includes hardware and software (ERP, CRM…) issues as well as all associated services.

Whatever may happen is included in the flat service charge, which allows you to plan your IT expenditures to the nearest euro.

Why all inclusive services?

We at Limelogic believe that a means-driven commitment is no longer sufficient in today’s IT service landscape.

We have the expertise and can leverage many existing tools to guarantee results. This results-driven commitment has been formalized in an agreement, an assumption of responsibility, a flat fee package.

All-inclusive IT Management

Our Values and Principles

Our values and principles revolve around 5 major commitments.

These commitments reflect our determination to offer the best possible service to our customers:

  • Place our customers at the heart of our preoccupations
  • Take responsibility for the consequences of our actions and choices
  • Ensure unparalleled service
  • Act with integrity
  • Be ready to question and renew our way of doing things

Our Team

Our team is made up of 14 people.

Key strengths of the Limelogic team:

  • Highly certified and experienced engineers in charge of following up and monitoring implemented technologies
  • 24/7 availability
  • Outstanding responsiveness: guaranteed non-stop availability or return to service times —4 to 8 hours— according to the selected service level (obligation of performance)
  • High level of expertise for complex issue resolution




Horse lover and hungry for freedom in all its forms, I'm married with three children.
My best days are those unplanned. I hate meetings where the wheel gets reinvented.




Guru in a former life, I lead and coordinate the technical team. My colleagues surely appreciate my inventiveness, and my cooking skills — whenever I'm in a mood to pamper. I guess my sense of humor gets a poorer rating: plumbing the depths reportedly does not stop me from digging deeper.



Administration Manager

Mother of two boys, I am a passionate musician (vocals, piano, guitar, violin, clarinet). My artistic world also includes painting — a true source of inspiration and relaxation. An epicurean at heart, I am a food lover and have a particular interest in oenology.



Administrative Assistant

Newest member of our team.



Business Developer

Father of 3 grown-up children and... just married! I'm a golf, basketball, football and ski enthusiast with a true passion for the mountain! Bora-Bora and my lovely wife are the best things in my life (and being there with her is just heaven on earth).



Systems Engineer, Microsoft Exchange Specialist

Mens sana in corpore sano... Ju-jitsu helps me maintain the physical health necessary to stay sane: it is critical to my well-being and crucial to retaining my enthusiasm and motivation.



Systems Engineer, Linux and Security Specialist

The guy from Toulouse, and the other “foreigner” in the team! Truly, madly, deeply a geek... Curious about everything around new technologies. Converted to “sushi” a few months ago (thanks Anthony), I love good food (from Toulouse especially :-)), reading and — of course — Ingress (for insiders).



Systems Engineer

Limelogic’s "Cri-cri", I am a programmer-analyst by training with experience in education and the banking sector. My motto in life is "Reality is never as bad as one might have expected" (Alejandro Casona). I have a passion for... nope, definitely not the appropriate place to raise that matter!



Systems Engineer, Database Specialist

Analyst and developer by training, Manu asserts the inalienable right to his image. His motto: Great honors are great burdens. Quite a veteran at Limelogic as he has been working here since 2006! His profile picture shows his mindset: Light will shine out of darkness!



Technicien Support

ENGLISH Un peu Flamand, un peu Wallon avec un nom un peu beaucoup exotique, je suis le lien multiculturelle de Limelogic.
J’apprécie la bonne nourriture , la bière… Belge bien sûr, le vin, les voyages et tout ce qui embellit la vie.
J’aime le snowboard, l’art, la musique, et mes deux petites canailles sans oublier ma petite femme bien entendu.



Ingénieur Système, pas trop spécialiste

ENGLISH A priori, pas fait pour le monde du travail, bien que... responsable ou pas... mes collègues ont la fâcheuse habitude de me faire porte le chapeau lorsqu'ils commettent une erreur! Je suis... je suis... le souffre douleur de l'équipe ;-)



Technicien Support

ENGLISH Ancien footballeur du dimanche, je suis l’heureux papa de deux jeunes enfants. J’apprécie les bons repas en famille, le dessin et œnologie. Je suis également puxisdiphteraniepceophile.
Ma devise : « A bove ante, ab asino retro, a stulto undique caveto »
Le rigolo de l'aventure...



Technicien Support

ENGLISH Je suis un des "flamands" de Limelogic... Toujours au cours de français!
Informaticien pur sang et fier papa de quatre enfants adorables!