Our Training Offering

Limelogic provides training courses to help your team be more efficient and productive by improving their knowledge and acquiring full control over IT tools —thereby saving time and giving your company a competitive edge!

We accept training vouchers (chèques formation), as we are certified by the Walloon Region: eligible companies attending our training sessions can be awarded subsidies.

As a SMB with less than 250 employees or a self-employed business, you are entitled to a 50% discount through the Brussels-Capital subsidy program.

How to benefit from chèque-formation subsidies

Our partner CEGIS, one of the few Microsoft certification centers in Belgium, will welcome you to its training rooms, visit yours or organize a video conference.

Les formations proposées par Limelogic

Voici la liste non exhaustive des formations proposées :

Microsoft Office

Get useful tips and tricks on Microsoft Office, and be even more effective using Word, Excel or even PowerPoint!


Discover the concepts of Flow Charting and learn the basic notions required to create flow or technical drawings.


This helpful tool will help you efficiently create and design your business communication material (posters, leaflets, catalogues,…).


PowerPoint is a powerful tool that allows you to easily create professional presentations and develop your communication! This course is designed for people wishing to discover every facet of PowerPoint while improving their promotion skills with this essential Microsoft application.


la gestion de votre temps et de vos priorités est importante au quotidien. Outlook est l’outil incontournable qui vous aidera à vous organiser de manière efficace ! Nos sessions très complètes allient de multiples conseils liés à la gestion du temps et la découverte approfondie d’Outlook.

Inbox to Zero

Whether you are working with Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes, this course will give you the keys to reach your Inbox to Zero target.

Outlook and Lotus include many features to control message volume, to search for specific elements and to take actions when and where needed. All these options are very flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements.


Our courses will meet your needs, whether you are new to Excel and eager to learn the basics, a regular Excel user willing to further your knowledge or an expert who wishes to discover tips and tricks to save precious time in your daily operations.


Learn how to juggle layouts, tables of contents, long documents, mailing ans templates, and save precious time with our useful tips.


Self-employed, liberal professions, SMBs and heads of department in large companies all need to store —and analyse— customer and product data in a user-friendly manner using a relational database.

MS Access is the most functional and ergonomic way to deal with databases.


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat… Every product is covered individually, and course content may be adapted to suit your needs.