The one and only occupation of Limelogic is computer network management, characterized by a particular formula: an invariable package, regardless of the quantity of services provided and whatever the nature of the intervention

All-inclusive IT Management

Network management outsourcing is our sole business

Most IT services providers will offer you to take care of your network equipment, office productivity software, accounting programs, specialized computer software, photocopiers, Internet, phones, website —and in some cases even your staff members!

At Limelogic, managing your network is the core of our business.

It has turned us into THE network specialist.

We work hand in hand with the companies responsible for providing your business applications —though without interfering with their own processes and activities— to ensure you get the best service and support ever.

Our customers enjoy the best of both worlds!

All our actions share the same objective of continuously improving management processes in order to provide you with an always stable, homogeneous and fully controlled network.

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Responsible IT outsourcing

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Trust us with the management of your network infrastructure

What makes Limelogic’s approach particularly distinctive is one innovative feature: a flat monthly fee that stays strictly unchanged, regardless of the amount of interventions.

We have the right expertise and tools to secure a sound result.

Limelogic is fully committed to providing this model. The slightest incident is taken care of as part of the package.

It is as important to us as to our customers that their networks experience as few issues as possible, so we are compelled to the highest level of expertise in IT network management.

This is why our approach is so unique: unlike traditional services providers, our success does not depend on how often we intervene to help a customer—in fact it is just the opposite!

We are necessarily striving for excellence. In doing so, we are responsible for the good health of your IT.

Our staff training and process development are firmly focused on this exclusive approach.

Prévoyez enfin vos dépenses informatiques à l’euro près

Our flat fee package includes:

Based on an unchanged scope of contract, any given issue —even the replacement of defective material— is included in the package.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within 4 hours, as contractually agreed.

If a critical asset fails during the weekend, our team receives a warning through our continuous monitoring system and takes immediate action so that your network is up and running and your users can start working on Monday first thing in the morning.

Le forfait comprend donc :

Services provided by Limelogic, regardless of the amount/duration

Your hardware

Your software products and licenses

The statistics speak for themselves

over the last 10 years, our less fortunate customer has experienced a complete network unavailability of one and a half hour... due to massive power outage in the neighbourhood.